Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Listening

I need to be held accountable for a commitment I made several months ago. I committed to paying more attention to God speaking to me regardless of where or how He chooses to do it.

He speaks to me through media, so I watch TV and movies and read books differently than I used to. And of course He shows me new ideas in scripture all the time.

He speaks to me through other people. Sometimes it's as obvious as a sermon from the pulpit, but more often it's a waitress at IHOP, a coffee drinker at Starbucks, a drug addict, a new believer, an old man at the park, etc. So, I really have to pay attention.

Nature is one place He chooses to speak quite often so I have paid more attention to sunsets and starry nights. When I forget, He sends my four year old daughter Rainey to remind me. "Daddy, we have to go outside and look at the moon! It's so bright!" She reminds me to thank my heavenly Daddy for such glorious sights.

I was reminded of my commitment today after reading something Donald Miller (surprise, surprise) wrote after spending some time watching seals play at the beach in California.

"As we drove back to the conference we were attending, I wondered how good it was to take God with us, and how hard it was to let go of our agendas so we can feel what it is that He wants us to feel, rather than pine away for what I want to accomplish, tricked into believing it will make me feel something God has already given free of charge, no work involved."

Listen for the voice of God today.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Here's what I learned about friends this week. Some of you may recognize yourselves as the ones who taught me these truths.

Friends tell you the truth even when it's difficult to hear.
Friends trust you with their ugliest side.
Friends will drive 5 hours to spend 2 hours with you.
Friends spend all morning preparing a meal so you can enjoy a quick lunch.
Friends share joys, sorrows and fears.
Friends feel awful when they let you down.
Friends forgive you when you let them down.
Friend can physically move far away, but they are never really very far at all.

This list could go on and on. These are simply the things that were modeled for me this week. I hope you are blessed with friends like these. They are priceless.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Woman of My Dreams

The woman of my dreams is naturally beautiful. She doesn't need Mary Kay to help her be beautiful or Hollywood to tell her she's beautiful, she is simply beautiful.

The woman of my dreams is not afraid to fail. She is willing to learn and try new things.

The woman of my dreams is equally as comfortable in a bar room, a church house, a gymnasium, a mansion or a shack because she knows who she is.

The woman of my dreams has passionate kisses for me and gentle kisses for her children.

The woman of my dreams likes to laugh and be goofy sometimes.

The woman of my dreams likes guys with "the goober factor."

The woman of my dreams was born in Caldwell, Idaho (of all places) on this day over 20 years ago :) while I toddled around in Texas; and almost ten years ago she agreed to marry me.

No man is more blessed than I am!

Happy birthday Steph.

I love you!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Big Sister

Rainey informed Stephanie and me that she is experiencing something neither of us ever has. Stephanie is a sister, but doesn't have a sister and I have a sister but I am not a sister. I thought that was an interesting point. I feel confident she is building a case for why she knows better than we do about how to raise Emily.


The other day Rainey and I were "camping out" in the living room. She told me we would have to "sleep in the dam forest." I questioned her on that and she repeated it. "We have to sleep in the dam forest!" Once more I gave her the benefit of the doubt and asked if she had said "Dan forest." But she assured me she said, "Dam forest." "You know Daddy, where all the beavers live."


Yesterday Rainey and I went on an early Valentine's Day date to see "Curious George." After the movie we played in the mall playground area. She quickly made a couple of new friends and I was relegated to the parents bench on the side of the playground. When we left, she did not want to hold my hand in the mall, but did hold it outside for safety in the parking lot. As we walked to the car I noticed two middle school girls in front of us. One of them had "Angel" written across her backside in sparkling studs. I picked up my Angel, held her tight and carried her the rest of the way to the car.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pastor Bono

If you missed Bono's sermon at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., I urge you to click the link below and tell me it's not the best sermon you've heard in awhile. God is amazing and He continues to use all types of people for His purposes! Even rock stars. Even me.


Monday, February 06, 2006


I was planning on writing about the Super Bowl this morning. I thought I might pontificate on such things as the officiating, The Bus, the lowest quarterback rating ever in a winning Super Bowl effort turned in by young Ben Rothlisberger, my family enjoying the game with a side of ribs and potato casserole (thanks Sandy and Jami), etc.

However, before I began to write I read Grant Boone's assessment of the game and realized there was no need for me to waste your time with my own driveling prose about the event. Please look to your right, click on the link to Grant's blog and enjoy.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Ups and Downs

Stephanie and I are trying to get used to the idea of raising two girls. It could be as Kim Possible says, "So the drama!"

We are praying for wisdom and that we will simply enjoy the ride and trust God to help us through the ups (spit ups, hiccups, bra cups and breakups) and downs (put downs, let downs, show downs and hair pulling throw downs).

We covet your prayers as we begin this great adventure.