Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Mavs, You're Killing Me!

Dear Mavs,

I never said it would be a walk in the park. I knew from your regular season losses to the Warriors that this was going to be more difficult than most experts predicted. I was fully prepared to stick with you through six games to win this series if that's what it took. I was committed.

Now, down 3-1 and desperately trying to hold on, I'm faced with the truth that you may be out in round one and I have to office next to "Joel the Warriors fan (JTWF)" everyday! Come on Mavs, you're killing me! I stayed up until the wee hours to watch you lose last night and then had to meet JTWF this morning for a 7:00 AM meeting! I'm working on my letter of resignation. If you don't turn this thing around, I don't see how you can expect me to face him everyday.

I've given you 27 good years. I stuck with you through the lean times. I've forgiven you for the debacle in last years championship series. In the immortal words of the poets and musicians The Pet Shop Boys, "What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?"

Yours, but Feeling Scorned,


Friday, April 27, 2007

A Walk Down Amnesia Lane

My oldest niece started college this year and her cousin will begin in the fall. Entering this time of their lives has made me nostalgic about my own college days.

I was never one who took a lot of pictures, but my best bud Brandon always did. We had a lot of fun and I'm thankful there is a record of it, but check out how dated these pictures look on Brandon's blog.

O how time flies!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Poverty of the Affluent

I don't remember where I heard that phrase, but it has stuck with me.

The poverty of the affluent.

I live in the richest country in the world. The list of billionaires grows almost daily, but the poor among us often seem doomed to stay that way.

The poverty of the affluent.

The brave people in our military who put their lives on the line everyday for our freedom are grossly underpaid and it's difficult to find them money for supplies and training. Not to mention they have been sent to fight a war they can't win. Our President, the Commander and Chief, pushed through a tax bill that benefits the above mentioned billionaires and will be in affect for the next three years. Now he's trying to make those benefits perminent.

The poverty of the affluent.

Our wants have become our perceived needs and so we shoot each other over gold necklaces and trust funds. Or we dig ourselves into the depths of credit card debt because we not only need (want) it, we need (want) it NOW! And the offers for more credit arrive in our mailboxes everyday.

The poverty of the affluent.

We have more "no fault" divorces, amicable break-ups and shared custody of the children than ever before. The child in the classroom who still lives with both parents is in the minority and even those kids rarely see their parents who are working longer hours to make more money, pay the minimum balance on those credit cards, and keep up with the Jones'.

The poverty of the affluent.

We can afford to take more drugs (both legal and illegal), play more online poker, and keep it more quiet than ever before, so we medicate our way through life.

The poverty of the affluent.

Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
What a man desires is unfailing love,
better to be poor than a liar.
The fear of the Lord leads to life:
then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
Proverbs 19:21-23

Monday, April 16, 2007


When it comes to muscles, brains and talent, I believe in the phrase, "Use it or lose it." I've proven that to a certain extent by losing what little muscle and brain power I ever had and lately I've feared that perhaps I've squandered my talents as well. This is serious business. It certainly doesn't please God and the road that does not include me walking in my gifts is the road to insanity.

When it comes to muscles, it helps to have a workout partner. For brain power I suggest books, lectures, crossword puzzles and discussion groups. As for any creative gifting I might have, there are two key ingredients: inspiration and motivation. And like workout partners and discussion groups, creative inspiration and motivation often come from walking with other creative people.
I've been inpired and motivated recently by reconnecting with my friend Rolando Diaz (that's him in the pink shirt and ballcap). Ro is a gifted artist (that's one of his pieces at the top of this post) with a beautiful story. His work and his life inspire me and his encouraging way of kicking my artistic backside motivates me. I won't take the time to tell you his story right now, but please check out his work at You will be blessed.

Thanks Ro, for reminding me of the potential of a blank page or canvass. Here's to the unpainted masterpieces and the yet unwritten songs!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Rose

I love it when a plan comes together. It just so happened that my sister Lee Ann (that's her on the right) and her daughter Bailey were in town yesterday for Bailey's district golf tournament on my mom's (everybody calls her Rose, including her grandkids, that's her on the left) birthday! It also was a coincidence that the NCAA Basketball championship game was played on Rose's birthday. Two of her favorite things, grandchildren and college basketball combined for a blowout party.
After dinner at Pappadeaux, we retreated to our house to watch the game. You have to love a woman who likes good sea food and good basketball. Even though her beloved Kentucky Wildcats had a down year, Rose still managed to enjoy the tournament and her birthday.
Happy Birthday Rose!

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Hope of Easter

The death toll for Americans in Iraq is approaching 3,000 and it is estimated between 61,000 and 65,000 Iraqi's have died thus far. 2 earthquakes and a tsunami just hit the Solomon Islands. Millions are living with and dying of AIDS in Africa. Most of those cases could have been prevented.

Closer to home, a child dies, a spouse is unfaithful, a mentor disappoints.

These are my thoughts as I look forward to Easter Sunday.

Has the Resurrection made a difference? Am I a fool to believe?

And then God inserts a guy like David Wilcox into my life who reminds me through song that there is hope.


You say you see no hope,
You say you see no reason we should dream that the world would ever change
You're saying love is foolish to believe
'Cause there'll always be some crazy with an Army or a Knife
To wake you from your day dream, put the fear back in your life...

Look, if someone wrote a play just to glorify what's stronger than hate,
Would they not arrange the stage to look as if the hero came too late
He's almost in defeat
It's looking like the evil side will win,
So on the edge of every seat,
From the moment that the whole thing begins

It is Love who makes the mortar
And it's Love who stacked these stones
And it's Love who made the stage here
Although it looks like we're alone
In this scene set in shadows
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's Love that wrote the play...
For in this darkness Love can show the way

So now the stage is set
Feel you own heart beating in your chest
This life's not over yet
So we get up on our feet and do our best
We play against the fear
We play against the reasons not to try
We're playing for the tears burning in the happy angel's eyes

For it's Love who makes the mortar
And it's Love who stacked these stones
And it's Love who made the stage here
Although it looks like we're alone
In this scene set in shadows
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's Love that wrote the play...
For in this darkness Love can show the way

God is Love. I John 4:8

The hope of Easter is that this world filled with sin and death is not all there is. It's that belief that motivates me to keep going. It's that hope that dictates my actions. It's the power of the Resurrection and the all encompassing, unconditional love of God that raises me up when there is evil all around me and shows me the way to a better life.

It's not always pretty. It's not always easy. But the Author of the story is God and the hero of the story is Jesus and He will never show up too late. What's too late when death has been conquered?

That's the hope of Easter.