Monday, June 09, 2008

Bachelor Week

My girls were in Idaho last week. They had a blast visiting Big Daddy and Gran, playing with Uncle Scott, riding horses, enjoying the cooler weather and even adopting two kittens that will live with their grandparents (thank goodness).

It was a strange week for me. I can't remember the last time I was home alone for that long. The first couple of days were great. No need to rush home from work or working out, peace and quiet, watch what I want on TV when I want to watch it, play golf everyday if I so choose; free to roam untethered in the world.

It quickly went downhill from there. No one to rush home to after work or working out, eerie silence in the house, nothing good on TV, winds gusting to 45 mph on the golf course, boredom leading to wandering aimlessly in the world.

There have been times during the last twelve years that I have fantasized about being single. I think all married people have those thoughts every once in awhile. But those thoughts seemed silly last night as I rolled around on the dirty carpet of DFW airport after being tackled by my two daughters. I'm a blessed man. I don't know what I'd do without Stephanie and the girls...well okay, the winds not always going to blow 45 mph, so I do have some idea what I'd do, but I'd rather play golf with my wife anyway.

Welcome home girls, Dad missed you.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Circus Show and Graduation Day

The school year has ended with a flurry of activity. Rainey performed in a Circus Show Musical at Lifesong Studios and participated in Kindergarten Graduation exercises at Red Apple School.

That's Rainey in the pink with the rest of the cast from her show.

Emily provided post show entertainment by hopping up on the stage to show off a few dance moves.

Here's the whole family at Rainey's graduation! Red Apple School has been a blessing to our family. Rainey had a wonderful experience there and is ready to move to 1st grade at W.A. Porter in the fall. Emily will be going to Red Apple in the fall, so we will be involved there for a few more years.

The graduate with Papa and Rose.

Emily on the way to graduation (above) and after the ceremony with her sisters cap (below).

Rainey and her sweet friend Maddie.

The excited graduates: Katie, Priscilla and Rainey.

It's obvious these three will go on to accomplish great things!

Rainey, we are so proud of you! God has gifted you with beauty, brains, talent and leadership skills beyond belief! May you grow in all your gifts and use them to be the best daughter, sister and friend you can be. Your Dad loves you! SBB. Don't tell Mom!