Thursday, March 26, 2009

This and That

Do you ever get so far behind on a project that it becomes a joke? The partially built shed in your backyard that just becomes part of the landscape? Or the boxes in your garage that you fully intend to clean out, but over time you simply add more boxes to the pile?

That's how I feel about this blog. Every time I start to write on it I feel overwhelmed because so much has happened since my last entry. Over time then, I've simply fallen out of the habit of adding to it.

Here are some highlights I've not blogged about that would have made brilliant entries:

1. Emily turned three in January.
2. Stephanie and I had a cold, but fun time at the lake with the Fisher's and the Doggett's.
3. Rainey starred in her class production of the Little Red Hen and sang beautifully in the school talent show -
4. The whole family got sick at the same time and argued about who was well enough to take care of the others. In the process, I missed the Zoe conference in Fresno.
5. Rainey and I boogied down at not one, but two Valentine's dances.
6. Steph's mom came down for a visit while Steph concentrated on interviewing for a full time teaching position at TCU. She was offered the position and starts in the Fall!
7. I'm doing some consulting and contract work for a couple of different companies and I'm the new lead singer for the Back Roads Band.
8. I participated in the Lubbock Zoe conference.
9. My niece Bailey is at Oxford this semester and my sister and her family went to visit and spent time in Ireland and London. I stayed home and pouted and felt jealous.
10. My oldest niece Jordan became engaged to a wonderful young man who also happens to be a very gifted musician. His name is Sam which makes me smile because it is the name of some of my favorite people.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a hundred things, but at least I feel a sense of catching up. I'll try to be a bit more consistent from now on with this blogging thing. However, blog sabbaticals are probably not a bad idea.