Wednesday, June 20, 2007


That sigh you just heard came from me. I've sat down at this computer numerous times and had no idea where to begin. The most obvious place is to again say thank you to everyone for your prayers, cards and email and to thank God for the way He has used this horrible time of darkness to reveal bright blessing stars.

My niece Bailey is getting better everyday. She is a young woman of strong mind, strong body and most importantly, strong character. Her youngest brother Reagan is busy with All-Star baseball games and dealing with not only the loss of his big brother, but the loss of his roommate. His other big brother Hutton is working, hanging out with friends and revealing his own quiet strength and immense faith. My brother-in-law Tod is simply amazing. His ability to deal so honestly with such raw emotions while leading his family through the darkness and revealing sacred truths to the rest of us in the process is something only accomplished by a man who has spent significant time with his heavenly Father during the good times over the years. Check out his journal entry from today to see what I mean:
And my sister Lee big begin to explain the love and pride that has been revealed in me for her is an impossibility. I can neither speak of it nor write about it yet without becoming overwhelmed.

So, over the next few days and weeks and months I will write more about this journey. Perhaps something I've learned will help you, but mostly it's good therapy. Your continued prayers for our entire family are appreciated.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm Still Here

Can't begin to write about the last two weeks yet. However, I did want to let you know I'm still out here and to thank you so much for your prayers, cards and email. We are making an effort along with the rest of our family to get used to what will be our new normal. So many of you have prayed and it has been those prayers that have held us up and carried us through this horrible time.

We mourn, but we are blessed.

God is good.